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TRADE MARK : cutwelll machine

Filling of Trade Mark application, follow ups of Trade Mark application already field by the clients.
Trade Mark:
Definition of Trade Mark : A Trade Mark is a visual symbol in the form of a word, a device, label, shape, combination of colours, etc., A registered trade mark is valid for a period of ten years and its life can be extended by renewal once in ten years.
Business Mark also does the search of a Trade Mark to ascertain as to the availability of the Trade Mark.
It is always advised that you do a public computer search / official search of the Trade Mark before filling an application for the registration. This would save your money, time and energy that you would invest in the promotion and development of a trade mark belonging to others.
Time Required: For the registration of each trade mark the time consumption is minimum 1 to 2 years. This time period is comparatively less when compared to earlier days it was 7 years.
This change is purely due to the computerization of the Trade Mark Registry.